FAQ Frequently asked question

What does 9 on Manchester mean?

The number in front of the tip suggests the confidence in the tip. The scale is from 1 to 10. Higher number stands for higher confidence in the tip, but also lower rate most of the time. The number is followed by the tip on the match winner. Thus "9 on Manchester" means that Manchester will most likely win the match.

What does 1X2 mean?

1-tip on home team winning, X-tip on tie, 2-tip on visiting team winning, 1X- tip on the home team not losing, X2-tip on the visiting team not losing.

What does it mean under/over?

It is about how many goals will be scored. Under means that less than 3 goals will be scored during the match (0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 2:0, 0:2 and 1:1), over, on the other hand is a bet on more than two goals will be scored during the match.

Do you have a history of picks?

You can see the past 30 days of picks.

Can I bet on Soccereco?

Soccereco is not a bookmaker. We only provide statistics and tips for tipsters.

Telegram Predictions?

Every day we sent some predcitions for telegram to receive them you only need to join in the Telegram join page.

Is everything on Soccereco free?

It is completely free. We do not offer any paid services.

The prediction of the day has been changed. Why?

It happens because the many factors for each match are changing during the day, therefore the bet of the day changes as well.

Do you provide tennis, hockey, horse tips?

No, we do not. We are Soccereco!

Do you have any other comments or questions?

Please use our contact form.

Do you provide fixed tips?

No, we do not. Our tips are based on the team's current condition, player's injuries and mutual statistics.

What is the Power - Team strength?

The Power - Team strength is points given for goals, victories, possession, corners, attacking pressure and defense performance.