Atlético de Madrid loses patience with João Félix and sets a new price

Despite his desire to stay at Barcelona, the Catalan club is only interested in a loan deal at this stage. With a contract until 2029, Atlético seeks to resolve Félix's future amid financial considerations and squad planning.

Atlético de Madrid loses patience with João Félix and sets a new price Embed from Getty Images

Atlético de Madrid is losing patience with João Félix, and despite consistently expressing confidence in the player's success with the club, after two loans that did not result in a significant sale to recoup the investment, the Colchoneros are now willing to accept a lower fee to release the Portuguese player.

According to Mundo Deportivo, 60 million euros is the new price for the Portuguese forward, who has already expressed his desire to stay at Barcelona. However, the Catalan club is only interested in a new loan and not a purchase at this stage.

In 2019, Atlético paid 120 million euros for João Félix, who has a contract with the club until 2029.

Atlético de Madrid initially had high hopes for João Félix when they signed him from Benfica for a staggering 120 million euros in 2019. The young Portuguese forward was seen as one of the brightest talents in football, expected to lead the club’s attack for years to come. However, his time in Madrid has been marked by inconsistency and injuries, preventing him from fully realizing his potential with the Colchoneros.

Despite the club's efforts to integrate him into their system, Félix has struggled to find a consistent role under manager Diego Simeone. His style of play has often seemed at odds with Simeone's tactical demands, leading to a series of underwhelming performances.

To reignite his career and possibly increase his market value, Atlético decided to loan Félix out. His first loan spell was at Chelsea, where he showed flashes of brilliance but did not do enough to convince the English club to make the move permanent. More recently, Félix has been at Barcelona, where he has expressed a strong desire to stay. However, Barcelona's financial situation means they are not currently in a position to purchase him outright and are instead seeking another loan deal.

The decision to set a new price of 60 million euros for Félix indicates Atlético’s willingness to cut their losses. They recognize that recouping the full 120 million euros they initially invested is unlikely, especially given the current financial climate in football. Accepting a lower fee might facilitate a quicker resolution, allowing both the club and the player to move forward.

Félix's contract with Atlético runs until 2029, giving the club some leverage in negotiations. However, the urgency to resolve his future stems from the need to balance the squad and finances ahead of the new season. A permanent transfer would free up significant salary space and provide funds that could be reinvested into the squad.

As the summer transfer window progresses, it remains to be seen whether any club will meet Atlético’s new valuation for Félix. His desire to stay at Barcelona complicates matters, as the Catalan club must navigate their own financial constraints. Meanwhile, Atlético will continue to explore all possible avenues to find a suitable outcome for both the club and the player.

Updated: 09:14, 10 Jun 2024

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