Bayern fans create petition to keep Tuchel: 'What a horrible decision'

A group of Bayern fans has created a petition with the aim of convincing the club to keep the coach for the next season. They say that Unai Emery and Ralf Rangnick, who are being considered for the position, "don't hold a candle" to the current coach.

Bayern fans create petition to keep Tuchel: 'What a horrible decision' Embed from Getty Images

Bayern Munich's announcement in February regarding Thomas Tuchel's departure from the club at the end of the season stirred discontent among a segment of the fanbase.

In response, a group of devoted Bayern supporters has taken proactive measures by launching an online petition in an endeavor to sway the club's leadership into reconsidering their decision to part ways with the coach.

The petition has a targeted goal of amassing 15,000 signatures, a mark that appears to be within close reach given the fervor and momentum behind the initiative.

The sentiment expressed in the petition's description echoes the frustration and disappointment felt by many fans following the decision to let go of Tuchel. Dubbing Tuchel affectionately as "Juppel," the fans lament the perceived inadequacy of the decision, emphasizing that the coach has faced numerous challenges during his tenure at Bayern, including negative media scrutiny and coping with a squad ravaged by injuries. Despite these adversities, Tuchel's leadership steered the team to notable success, notably reaching the semi-finals of the prestigious Champions League.

Comparatively, the petition dismisses the potential successors to Tuchel, namely Unai Emery and Ralf Rangnick, asserting that they pale in comparison to the esteemed qualities and accomplishments of Tuchel. This sentiment underscores the fans' unwavering support and conviction that Tuchel is the ideal candidate to continue leading the club forward.

Ultimately, the petition serves as a rallying cry from the Bayern faithful, urging the club's decision-makers to heed their voices and retain Tuchel as the head coach. By garnering widespread attention from both the media and Bayern's leadership, the supporters hope to influence a reconsideration of the decision and reaffirm their steadfast belief in Tuchel's capabilities.

Updated: 12:12, 26 Apr 2024

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