Champion Amorim plays with Sporting fans: 'Hurry, I need to catch a plane'

Rúben Amorim took center stage in celebrating Sporting Portugal's national title. He pledged loyalty to the fans and aims for even better times ahead.

Champion Amorim plays with Sporting fans: 'Hurry, I need to catch a plane' Embed from Getty Images

Sporting became the champions of Portugal on Sunday, clinching the title in an unexpected twist as their closest rivals, Benfica, were defeated by Famalicão.

This result sparked jubilation among Sporting supporters who flooded the streets to celebrate their club's twentieth national championship. Amidst the festivities, Rúben Amorim, Sporting's 39-year-old coach, was notably the focal point. His recent spotting at an airport, following discussions with West Ham United, had fueled speculations about his future, adding a layer of intrigue to the celebrations.

Amorim addressed these rumors with his characteristic wit at the victory celebration, quipping, "Let's do this quickly because I need to catch a plane. No, it's still too early for this joke." He highlighted the critical role of the entire technical staff, whose efforts often go unrecognized by the media yet remain integral to the team's success. Amorim recalled the skepticism they faced, including doubts about their ability to win consistently, especially after their 2021 victory in an empty stadium due to COVID-19 restrictions. His words, "We'll see," left a promise of proving the doubters wrong once more.

The uncertainty around Amorim's continuation at Sporting lingered as he affirmed his current commitment to the club, stating, "I have a contract and I am the coach of Sporting. We need to celebrate this success. We are all excited because this title is different from the last. Now we must do our best to become champions again next season." This declaration temporarily put to rest the swirling rumors of his departure, emphasizing his focus on future challenges.

In the same celebratory atmosphere, Jeremiah St. Juste, a defender in his second season with Sporting and a target for PSV, shared his joy and relief. "I feel incredible. We have worked hard all season and finally we have achieved our goal," he said, reflecting on the intense efforts throughout the season that culminated in this moment of triumph. St. Juste expressed his appreciation for the passionate support of the Portuguese fans and his gratitude for being part of such a vibrant football culture. "This is what I wanted and what I have received," he concluded, capturing the essence of his experience in Portugal.

The celebrations in Lisbon not only marked a historic achievement for Sporting but also showcased the deep bond between the club, its staff, and its supporters. As they revel in this victory, all eyes will be on how Sporting aims to build on this success in the coming seasons, with or without Amorim at the helm.

Updated: 10:56, 6 May 2024

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