Champion Real Madrid praised: 'Best team in the title race, without a doubt'

Real Madrid was crowned champion of Spain for the 36th time in club history on Saturday. The Royals first fulfilled their duty, then watched Barcelona slip up against Girona. The Spanish media are unanimous: Real Madrid is by far the rightful champion of the 2023/24 season.

Champion Real Madrid praised: 'Best team in the title race, without a doubt' Embed from Getty Images

Continuing from the celebrations and acclaim surrounding Real Madrid's championship victory, the narrative in Madrid was filled with anticipation for the Champions League showdown against Bayern Munich.

The strategic rest given to key players in the league match against Cádiz was seen as a tactical masterstroke by Ancelotti, preparing his squad for the critical battles ahead.

Marca detailed further the atmosphere within the club, emphasizing the blend of experience and youth that has defined Real Madrid's season. "Under Ancelotti's guidance, the team has developed a resilient backbone, enabling them to overcome adversities throughout the season," reported the newspaper. This blend of tactical intelligence and physical readiness was pivotal in their league success and is expected to be just as crucial in their European campaign.

The praise extended beyond just tactical decisions. The sports daily highlighted the club's depth, noting that even players not regularly in the starting lineup contributed significantly when called upon. This depth is not just a testament to the squad's quality but also to Ancelotti's management style, which maintains high morale and readiness among all players.

In a broader context, the championship win was seen as a restoration of natural order by some sections of the Madrid media, who viewed Real Madrid's reclaiming of the title as a return to form for the club, which considers itself the rightful perennial powerhouse of Spanish football.

The atmosphere at Santiago Bernabéu on the day of victory was electric, with fans celebrating not just the win but the manner in which it was achieved dominant, decisive, and stylish. The connection between the players and the fans was palpable, with chants of support and celebration echoing around the stadium long after the final whistle.

AS further delved into Ancelotti’s role as a leader during challenging times, describing how his calm demeanor and strategic acumen have become legendary at the club. "Ancelotti’s Real Madrid isn’t just about winning; it’s about overcoming, adapting, and evolving," noted AS. His leadership is credited with not only guiding the team to victories but also in cultivating a winning mindset throughout the club, setting the stage for continued success in the future.

As Real Madrid turns its focus to the Champions League, the lessons from their domestic campaign, the strategic resting of key players, and the tactical innovations by Ancelotti are all seen as crucial elements that will define their approach to the upcoming European challenges. The entire club, from the players to the management, is unified in their goal to conquer Europe just as decisively as they did Spain.

Updated: 11:19, 5 May 2024

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