De Bruyne reacts annoyed to 'stupid' question from Italian journalist

Kevin De Bruyne stands before a battery of microphones. Red face, sad eyes. Hair still nicely styled. He has just been eliminated with Belgium by the French. Once again, nothing.

De Bruyne reacts annoyed to 'stupid' question from Italian journalist Embed from Getty Images

De Bruyne played as a disguised defensive midfielder and was a shadow of the great playmaker he so often is at Manchester City.

Throughout the match, his usual creative spark was noticeably dimmed, as he was tasked with a more defensive role that limited his opportunities to influence the game offensively. His frustration was palpable, both in his subdued performance on the pitch and his demeanor afterward.

Standing before a battery of microphones, his face red and eyes sad, De Bruyne expressed what Belgians always say when faced with disappointment. He is 'disappointed'. Soft voice, mild words. Sighing, he stands before the press tribunal. "This was the plan of the coach and the staff. I think we followed the plan quite well," he states, trying to defend the tactical approach that ultimately failed to secure victory.

De Bruyne answers all questions dutifully, his professionalism evident even in defeat. His eyes briefly flash with anger once. "How bad is it that you've never reached a final with your Golden Generation?" shouts an Italian reporter over the crowd. De Bruyne looks at him indignantly. "Stupid," he mutters. Then, louder: "What is that, a Golden Generation? And France, England, Spain, and Germany? Don't they have a Golden Generation?" His response highlights the pressure and unrealistic expectations placed on Belgium's squad, often dubbed the 'Golden Generation' due to their individual talents but collectively falling short of ultimate success.

After those enigmatic counter-questions, De Bruyne steps off the podium. Once again, nothing, with Belgium. This latest setback adds to a series of near-misses and unfulfilled potential for a team that has often been tipped for glory but has consistently fallen short in crucial moments. The weight of expectation and the sting of repeated disappointment hang heavily in the air.

Reflecting on his future, De Bruyne hints that this might have been his last tournament with the national team. "I'll think about that calmly soon," he says, suggesting that a period of introspection and decision-making lies ahead. For a player who has given so much to his national side, the thought of stepping away must be bittersweet, intertwined with the desire for personal respite and the hope that Belgium might still find a way to achieve the success that has so far eluded them.

Updated: 03:05, 2 Jul 2024

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