De Bruyne responds to criticism from Belgian fans and chances against France

Belgium captain Kevin De Bruyne expects a tough match against France but does not consider the Red Devils to be without a chance in the round of 16 in Düsseldorf. De Bruyne also addressed the painful incident with Belgian fans after the draw against Ukraine.

De Bruyne responds to criticism from Belgian fans and chances against France Embed from Getty Images

Belgium qualified for the round of 16 last week thanks to a point against Ukraine, but after that match, the players were met with boos from some of the fans. The criticism did not sit well with De Bruyne, who initially wanted to approach the fans to thank them for their support.

The Manchester City midfielder decided to send his teammates inside and to cut short his approach to the supporters. "The situation was not pleasant," De Bruyne told Sporza. "You will naturally be criticized if you do not meet the expected level. But in our job, if you've done everything you can, that is both the minimum and the maximum."

"People can expect us to play top football. But sometimes teams are simply good and have a plan to stop us. In my view, Ukraine was by far the best of the three teams we played against," said the Belgium captain. "At that moment, I disagreed with what I saw. We reacted as a team, and that happens."

De Bruyne realizes that Belgium faces a daunting task to reach the quarterfinals through France. "Everyone knows that France can field three teams with quality. The coach will make a plan, and we will execute it as best as we can. We have the ability to hurt them, but we know they have quality everywhere."

"France has few weaknesses. But in a single match, things can happen that make it difficult. It is a team that likes to play on the counter, although they have slightly more possession than before. We can hurt them on the counterattack. Then we have to be strong defensively," De Bruyne concluded.

Looking Ahead

Despite the criticism and the upcoming challenge, De Bruyne remains optimistic. "We need to focus on our strengths and play to our potential. Every game is an opportunity to prove ourselves, and we are determined to give our best performance against France."

Team Dynamics

De Bruyne also emphasized the importance of unity within the team. "We have a great group of players who support each other. Moments like these, when we face criticism and tough opponents, are when we need to stick together and show our resilience."

Preparation and Strategy

Belgium's preparation for the match against France involves meticulous planning and training. "We are analyzing France's strengths and weaknesses. Our coach is developing strategies to counter their play and exploit any vulnerabilities. We need to be prepared for every possible scenario," De Bruyne added.

Fan Support

Addressing the fans, De Bruyne expressed his gratitude for their continued support despite the recent incident. "Our fans are incredibly passionate and their support means a lot to us. We hope to make them proud with our performance against France. Their energy and encouragement will be crucial for us in this important match."

As Belgium gears up for their crucial encounter with France, the team is focused on delivering a strong performance and advancing to the next stage of the tournament.

Updated: 11:06, 1 Jul 2024

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