De Rossi is not considering sparing players for the away match against Feyenoord

Daniele De Rossi has had a good start to his tenure as head coach of AS Roma, with three wins from the first three matches. Now, two top matches await the successor of José Mourinho: Saturday at home against Internazionale and Thursday away against Feyenoord. De Rossi looks ahead with hope.

De Rossi is not considering sparing players for the away match against Feyenoord Embed from Getty Images

Under the astute leadership of Daniele De Rossi, AS Roma has embarked on a promising journey, marking their territory in Italian football with consecutive victories against Hellas Verona, Salernitana, and Cagliari.

These wins, however, serve as the prelude to a more daunting challenge as Roma prepares to face Inter Milan. The narrative shifts dramatically when discussing Inter, a team that currently dominates Serie A, holding a significant nineteen-point advantage over Roma, further compounded by having played an additional game. This stark disparity underscores the monumental task ahead for De Rossi's squad.

In light of this daunting gap, De Rossi's resolve remains unshaken. At his press conference on Friday, he conveyed a message of unwavering courage and determination. "But we are full of courage," he declared, underscoring his belief that no team is invincible, regardless of their current standing or perceived strength. This philosophy is crucial, especially considering Roma's recent struggles in high-stakes matches. De Rossi, mindful of the team's past, refuses to dwell on games not under his tenure, focusing instead on the present and future challenges. His pragmatic approach highlights a forward-thinking strategy, aiming to instill confidence and resilience in his team.

The immediate future for Roma includes not just the high-profile Serie A clash with Inter but also a pivotal encounter with Feyenoord in the Europa League's intermediate round. Despite the quick succession of these critical matches, De Rossi's strategy remains singularly focused on the next immediate challenge—Inter Milan. This approach reflects a disciplined mindset, prioritizing immediate objectives while acknowledging the thin line between triumph and elimination in European competitions. De Rossi's commitment to fielding the strongest possible lineup against Inter, without regard for subsequent fixtures, demonstrates a strategic gamble that prioritizes present victories over future contingencies.

An interesting subplot to the Roma-Inter clash is the involvement of Romelu Lukaku, a formidable striker whose recent achievements with the blues have not gone unnoticed. The emotional weight of this match for Lukaku is palpable, yet De Rossi remains confident in Lukaku's professionalism and mental fortitude. By distinguishing between the emotional and the tactical aspects of football, De Rossi expresses faith in Lukaku's ability to navigate the psychological complexities of facing his former club, underscoring the blend of experience and youth within the team.

In summary, as AS Roma gears up for its upcoming fixtures against formidable opponents, the ethos of courage, strategic focus, and emotional intelligence championed by Daniele De Rossi sets the stage for a captivating chapter in the club's season. With a blend of tactical acumen and psychological preparedness, Roma under De Rossi is poised to face the challenges head-on, embodying the spirit of resilience and ambition that defines the beautiful game.

Updated: 11:24, 9 Feb 2024

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