Dortmund goes global with reaction to old Haaland post about PSG

Borussia Dortmund has taken a jab at Paris Saint-Germain. The German club, which reached the Champions League final at the expense of PSG on Tuesday, responded four years later to a post on X (formerly Twitter), where then Dortmund star Erling Haaland was made fun of.

Dortmund goes global with reaction to old Haaland post about PSG Embed from Getty Images

To fully appreciate the unfolding drama, let's delve deeper into the events of 2020. During the Champions League round of 16, Dortmund and PSG squared off in a thrilling encounter.

Erling Haaland, then a rising star for Dortmund, emerged as a key player, scoring two crucial goals. His unique celebration, a serene meditation pose seated on the pitch, quickly became iconic.

A week later, the scene shifted to Paris for the return leg. PSG, facing a deficit and determined to advance, not only overturned the scoreline but also seized the moment to engage in some light-hearted mockery. After their victory, PSG's social media team posted an image where the entire team replicated Haaland's meditation celebration, a playful poke at the young striker.

Fast forward to over four years later, Dortmund's media team showcased their long memory and a flair for timing. In a masterstroke of social media engagement, they resurfaced the original PSG post. Accompanying this repost, they added the caption: "Tastes like fine wine," suggesting that the moment had aged well in their favor, particularly poignant after Dortmund had eliminated PSG from a subsequent Champions League clash, thus having the last laugh in this ongoing football rivalry.

This repost not only went viral, amassing over half a million likes and sixteen million views, but it also sparked widespread conversation across various media platforms. The incident highlights how football clubs use social media as a battleground for banter, enhancing the rivalry and engagement with fans around the globe.

Updated: 11:14, 8 May 2024

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