End of the Rafa Mir Saga: He Will Play on Loan at Valencia

Rafa Mir will soon become Valencia's new forward after Sevilla and the Turia capital club reached a loan agreement. The transfer, crucial for both clubs, resolves their immediate needs: Valencia strengthens its attacking lineup, fulfilling coach Rubén Baraja's long-standing request, while Sevilla manages its financial liabilities by offloading surplus players.

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Rafa Mir will become Valencia's new forward in the coming hours. Sevilla and the club from the Turia capital reached an agreement for the loan of the Murcian attacker days ago and, according to Marca, exchanged the documents to finalize the loan yesterday.

The issue remained with the commission claimed by Rafa Mir's agent on the purchase option that Valencia can exercise in 2025, valued at five million euros. The agent demanded ten percent of that amount. After the Andalusian club refused to pay this amount, arguing that an agent cannot act as an intermediary in a transaction with his own client, they tried to mediate with Rafa Mir himself on Monday to reach a financial agreement directly with the player so he could sign the loan contract, the only signature missing to make the transfer effective.

For both clubs, this is an important operation. They need to continue advancing in their planning during a significant summer on both sides, with many changes and the need to continue reducing the cost of their respective squads. Rubén Baraja has been asking for the signing of the striker for a whole year, frustrated by seeing it fall through in the last days of the transfer window; meanwhile, Víctor Orta is working to offload the significant surplus of players Sevilla currently has, needing to lower the high costs of the Nervionense dressing room. The loan satisfies both parties, even though Sevilla had to agree to cover the amortization cost of Mir. And not just that.

A smaller percentage than Mir requested

Because where they would not budge was on the commission the forward's agent requested for his possible purchase by Valencia: 10% of the five million euros, something considered illegal at the Sánchez-Pizjuán offices. The exchange of documents preceding the official loan of Rafa Mir to Valencia took place on Monday. The player’s signature was the only thing left. Everything depended on Rafa Mir’s final decision, who stretched the negotiations to reach an agreement he also considers satisfactory. He will receive a percentage (less than requested) of the possible purchase by Valencia, though he must first prove himself worthy of the five million euro investment by the Mestalla club. A saga that ends leaving, in part, all involved parties satisfied.

This deal holds significant implications for both clubs. Valencia aims to bolster their squad with a reliable striker, addressing a key area that coach Rubén Baraja has identified as a priority. This move is expected to enhance their attacking options and overall performance in the upcoming season. For Sevilla, this deal is a strategic effort to streamline their squad and manage financial liabilities, ensuring sustainability and flexibility for future transfers.

Valencia fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new forward, and Rafa Mir's loan is seen as a positive step towards strengthening their attacking lineup. The club has experienced frustration in the transfer market, particularly with last-minute setbacks, so securing Mir's services is a morale boost for the team and its supporters. On the other hand, Sevilla's management, led by Víctor Orta, is focused on reducing the club's wage bill by offloading surplus players, making this loan deal a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Despite the challenges faced during negotiations, the final agreement showcases the willingness of both clubs to compromise and find a solution that satisfies all parties involved. Rafa Mir's potential permanent transfer to Valencia hinges on his performance during the loan period, adding an element of motivation for the player to excel and prove his worth.

In conclusion, the loan of Rafa Mir to Valencia marks the end of a complex negotiation process and the beginning of a new chapter for the player and both clubs. The arrangement reflects the strategic objectives of Valencia and Sevilla, aiming to optimize their squads and achieve their respective goals for the upcoming seasons.

Updated: 04:36, 10 Jul 2024

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