Guardiola Dismisses Speculation: 'If Anyone Wants Haaland, It's Easy...'

The coach did not seem concerned about the credibility of reports in Spain that talk about the Norwegian striker's dissatisfaction at Manchester City.

Guardiola Dismisses Speculation: 'If Anyone Wants Haaland, It's Easy...' Embed from Getty Images

Pep Guardiola faced questions on Monday regarding reports in Spain that suggested Erling Haaland might be dissatisfied with his life in England and at Manchester City, potentially opening the door to a departure from the club. These reports had raised concerns about Haaland's future at the club.

In response to these inquiries, the coach calmly played down the credibility of these reports, displaying his unwavering confidence in Haaland's commitment to Manchester City. Guardiola emphasized that from the club's perspective, they have always desired to keep the prolific scorer. Since his arrival at the Etihad in 2022, Haaland has been a goal-scoring sensation, netting an impressive 71 goals in just 76 games.

Guardiola expressed his sentiment, saying, "What do you think? We don't want Erling to stay here for a decade? Honestly? Of course, we want him to stay here for a long time; we're in love with him. What will a journalist's report or an Instagram account change? Someone makes a comment on Twitter, and it becomes viral news, and it's going to happen? It won't. It can only happen when Erling and the club decide whether to renew his contract and if we have potential offers for him."

He further clarified, "If anyone wants Erling, it's easy. They can pick up the phone, call City, and ask. That's what we do when we sign someone; it's not complicated."

Regarding Haaland's recent absence due to injury, there's optimism in the air as he has already returned to training. It is anticipated that Haaland will make his return in the upcoming game this Monday against Brentford in the 23rd round of the Premier League.

Up until the moment of his injury, the Norwegian forward had been in top form, scoring 19 goals and providing five assists in 23 matches played. His return to the pitch is eagerly awaited by both Manchester City and football fans alike.

Updated: 11:28, 5 Feb 2024

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