Historic drop for Spain in the UEFA rankings: Italy is to blame

For the first time this century, Spanish football is not in one of the top two spots in the rankings.

Historic drop for Spain in the UEFA rankings: Italy is to blame Embed from Getty Images

Italy's rise to second place in the UEFA club ranking for the current season marks a significant shift, propelled by crucial results in Thursday's matches.

Atalanta's draw against Marseille (1-1) in the Europa League semi-finals and Fiorentina's triumphant home victory over Club Brugge (3-2) in the Conference League semi-finals were pivotal moments in Italy's ascent.

This development signifies a historic decline for Spanish football, as it's the first time this century that Spain finds itself outside of the top two positions in the UEFA club ranking. The last instance of such an occurrence dates back to 1998. Currently, England maintains a commanding lead with 104.303 points, followed closely by Italy in second place with 89.141 points, while Spain occupies the third spot with 88.864 points. Portugal sits further down the rankings in seventh position, tallying 56.316 points.

Of particular note is Italy's impressive representation in the semi-finals of this season's European competitions. Alongside Atalanta and Fiorentina, Roma also stands among the contenders in the Europa League. Meanwhile, Spain has only one representative remaining in the semi-finals Real Madrid, competing in the Champions League.

This reshuffling in the UEFA club ranking underscores the competitive landscape of European football and highlights the dynamic nature of success in continental competitions. As Italy continues to assert its presence on the European stage, Spanish football faces a significant challenge in reclaiming its former dominance and reaffirming its status among the continent's elite.

Updated: 03:20, 3 May 2024

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