Kroos comments on the altercation between Rüdiger and Füllkrug: 'Their own fault'

Antonio Rüdiger and Niclas Füllkrug clashed during Germany's training on Tuesday. Toni Kroos brushed it off with a joke at the press conference of the Euro host nation.

Kroos comments on the altercation between Rüdiger and Füllkrug: 'Their own fault' Embed from Getty Images

"First, let me calm things down: it wasn't all that serious," Kroos reassured everyone three days before the opening match against Scotland. "The only person Niclas was really angry with was the one who blew the whistle. Niclas knows it's his own fault if he gets into a duel with Antonio."

For the 34-year-old Kroos, the Euro in his own country will be his last act as a professional footballer. The midfielder recently announced that he will end his successful career. "Of course, I'm hungry and still want success. If I didn't have the idea and the imagination to win the European title, I wouldn't have made this decision. If I were to win the Euro after the Champions League, it would almost be too cheesy. But I would accept it."

Kroos's illustrious career has seen him win numerous titles, including multiple Champions League trophies with Real Madrid and a World Cup with Germany in 2014. His experience and leadership are invaluable to the German squad as they aim to make a strong impression in the tournament. The midfielder's decision to retire after the Euro adds an emotional layer to Germany's campaign, as his teammates are motivated to give him a memorable send-off.

Germany has had disappointing starts in the last tournaments, as Kroos also knows. "The last opening match we won was in 2016. That's why we know how important it is to start the Euro well, also for the atmosphere in the country. Scotland is very unpleasant to play against. I also talked with a few teammates in Madrid about it. It's a team that is very strong physically, defends compactly, and also executes good counters."

Kroos highlighted the need for Germany to be at their best from the very first match. "We have to be focused and prepared. A good start sets the tone for the entire tournament, and it's crucial for building confidence within the team and among the fans." He emphasized the importance of maintaining discipline and utilizing their tactical strengths to overcome the physical challenge posed by Scotland.

The anticipation surrounding the tournament is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting to see how Germany will perform on home soil. The team's preparation has been intense, and the players are aware of the high expectations. Kroos's farewell adds a poignant note to the tournament, with the midfielder hoping to cap off his career with another major international trophy. The blend of seasoned veterans like Kroos and emerging talents in the squad provides Germany with a balanced and formidable team ready to take on Europe's best.

Updated: 04:10, 11 Jun 2024

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