La Liga boss advises Barcelona to sell: 'Laporta is waiting until he wins the lottery'

Javier Tebas has urgently advised Barcelona to sell players this coming summer. The head of La Liga warns Barcelona president Joan Laporta about the failure to meet the Spanish 1+1 rule.

La Liga boss advises Barcelona to sell: 'Laporta is waiting until he wins the lottery' Embed from Getty Images

During a conference, Javier Tebas, the head of La Liga, tackled various issues surrounding Spanish football, including the contentious topic of the Super League.

Tebas subtly shifted the conversation towards the ongoing concerns surrounding Barcelona, emphasizing that the Super League initiative is spearheaded by Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid, and not by Joan Laporta. Tebas suggested that Laporta, with the weight of Barcelona's current predicament on his shoulders, has little bandwidth to take on additional responsibilities.

In a pointed remark, Tebas remarked, "I think Laporta is waiting until he wins the lottery. He believes that's how he can solve Barcelona's financial situation. But he might wait for a long time because that's not going to happen." Tebas highlighted the financial urgency facing Barcelona, stressing that without player sales, the club would fail to generate sufficient revenue to meet the Spanish federation's 1+1 rule. This rule stipulates that clubs can only invest in transfers as much as they receive from player sales.

Moreover, Tebas expressed his belief that Barcelona would greatly benefit from transfer revenues in the upcoming summer window. He suggested that the club is likely already strategizing and actively seeking player sales to bolster their financial standing.

Barcelona's persistent financial challenges have cast uncertainty over their ability to make new signings in each transfer window, as they often grapple with meeting registration requirements amidst financial constraints.

Updated: 03:59, 8 Feb 2024

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