La Liga Calls on Lip Reader After English Exchange in Madrid

The organization of La Liga, the top football league in Spain, has hired an external lip reader to investigate what Real Madrid player Jude Bellingham said to his compatriot Mason Greenwood on Thursday evening.

La Liga Calls on Lip Reader After English Exchange in Madrid Embed from Getty Images

La Liga, the top football league in Spain, is currently investigating an alleged incident that occurred during the recent Madrid derby between Real Madrid and Getafe.

The incident involves Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham and Getafe forward Mason Greenwood, who is on loan from Manchester United. It is reported that Bellingham made an offensive remark to Greenwood during the match, leading to a complaint filed by Getafe with the match officials of La Liga.

The alleged incident occurred during Real Madrid's 2-0 victory over Getafe, and video footage from TV broadcasters captured the moment. According to reports, Bellingham allegedly called Greenwood a derogatory term during a confrontation. Specifically, it is claimed that Bellingham used the word 'rapist' in his remark.

Greenwood has been in the spotlight recently due to allegations of domestic violence that emerged on social media. As a result, he was suspended by Manchester United in January 2022, although the charges against him, including rape and assault, were dropped in February 2023.

In response to Getafe's complaint, La Liga has taken the matter seriously and has initiated an investigation. They have hired an expert lip reader to examine the video footage and determine the accuracy of the allegations. La Liga's statement regarding the incident reads, "Getafe yesterday transferred the complaint to the La Liga match director, and La Liga, as it always does on these occasions, has requested an expert report on lip reading to investigate the matter and act on the basis of what can be proven beyond doubt (by the lip reader)."

It's worth noting that Greenwood and Bellingham have a connection, as they are both English players. Greenwood has been playing for Getafe on loan from Manchester United, while Bellingham has been making a significant impact in La Liga since his arrival from Borussia Dortmund. Bellingham is currently one of the top scorers in the division with 14 goals.

Additionally, earlier in the season, Getafe manager José Bordalás had suggested that Bellingham played a role in Greenwood's move to the Spanish league, which led to a misunderstanding. However, this issue was clarified, and it was revealed that Mason Greenwood's move to Getafe was based on the club's interest and not due to any influence from Bellingham.

Updated: 11:12, 3 Feb 2024

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