Leipzig coach Rose has advice for the Dutch, media, and Koeman

RB Leipzig coach Marco Rose has provided advice to Ronald Koeman on how Xavi Simons should be utilized. The former PSV player steals the show weekly at RB Leipzig, but his performance has not fully translated to the Dutch national team yet.

Leipzig coach Rose has advice for the Dutch, media, and Koeman Embed from Getty Images

During the recent international break, Xavi Simons, the young starlet of RB Leipzig, found himself under intense scrutiny and criticism for his performances with the Dutch national team.

This criticism reached such a volume that it prompted reactions from both within and outside the footballing world. Vincent Janssen, a fellow professional, took to defending Simons, criticizing what he saw as 'disrespectful media in the Netherlands' for their harsh treatment of the young player. Ronald Koeman, the coach of the Dutch national team, added to the conversation by noting his expectations for Simons, indicating that the young talent had yet to fully meet them.

Following a particular match against Scotland, Marco Rose, Simons' coach at RB Leipzig, took the initiative to discuss the wave of criticism with Simons personally. Rose's advice to Simons was pragmatic and focused on growth and resilience: listen to the national coach, accept the feedback, and incorporate it into his development. This approach underscores Rose's belief in Simons' ability to evolve and improve as a player.

Rose highlighted the high expectations placed on Simons in the Netherlands, pointing out the pressure and scrutiny that come with such anticipation. He emphasized Simons' youth, reminding everyone that, at only twenty years old, Simons is at the beginning of what promises to be a long and potentially illustrious career. The willingness to accept criticism and learn from it was presented as one of Simons' strengths, a trait that Rose clearly admires.

At Leipzig, Simons' contributions have been far more positively received, with his ability to create opportunities and take on defenders being particularly lauded. Rose suggests that Simons' skill set is best utilized in a role that allows him to leverage these abilities, indicating that he has already proven his worth in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Rose's broader message, directed at the Dutch public and media, calls for patience and understanding. He advocates for a supportive environment that recognizes the pressures faced by young talents like Simons and allows them the time and space to develop.

As RB Leipzig prepares for their upcoming match against FSV Mainz, all eyes will be on Simons, not just for his performance on the day but as a focal point in the ongoing discussion about the treatment of young athletes, the expectations placed upon them, and the best path for their development. Rose's handling of the situation and his advice to Simons offer a blueprint for nurturing young talent in the face of intense scrutiny and high expectations.

Updated: 12:20, 29 Mar 2024

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