Mbappé goes off during French press conference about 'terrible' mask

Kylian Mbappé finds it terrible to have to play with a mask. The French star spoke during a press conference about the limitations that the protective item imposes on him.

Mbappé goes off during French press conference about 'terrible' mask Embed from Getty Images

The story around Kylian Mbappé is well-known. The French captain broke his nose during the first group match at the Euros against Austria and has had to play with a mask since then.

He was absent against the Netherlands, but appeared for the first time with it in an official match against Poland. Mbappé will have to play with the mask for the rest of the tournament, including Monday's match against Belgium.

The injury occurred in a highly physical match against Austria, where Mbappé collided with an opposing player, leading to a fracture that required immediate medical attention. Despite the injury, Mbappé has shown remarkable resilience and determination to continue contributing to his team's efforts in the tournament.

"I didn't think it would be this way, but playing with a mask is absolutely terrible. It's really annoying," Mbappé began during a press conference. "It limits your vision and the sweat gets trapped, so you have to take the mask off sometimes to clean it. As soon as I can take it off, I will, but I have no choice."

Mbappé explained that the mask, while necessary for his protection, presents significant challenges on the field. The limited peripheral vision can be particularly problematic for a player of his caliber, who relies on quick movements and spatial awareness to outmaneuver defenders. The accumulation of sweat inside the mask adds another layer of discomfort, requiring frequent adjustments that can be distracting during play.

Despite these obstacles, Mbappé remains a formidable force on the pitch. His speed, agility, and goal-scoring ability make him a constant threat to opposing defenses. The French star's determination to play through discomfort has been commendable, showcasing his commitment to the national team.

Now, jokes about further injuring his nose are quickly made, and the Frenchman joined in on the humor. "It's already broken, so it can't break any more," he concluded with a laugh. This lighthearted approach helps to diffuse the tension around his injury and demonstrates Mbappé's positive mindset despite the challenges.

At 6:00 PM on Monday, Mbappé will play with France against Belgium in Düsseldorf. This match is crucial for both teams as they vie for a place in the next round of the tournament. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how Mbappé will perform under these conditions and whether the mask will impact his game.

The French team has been supportive of Mbappé throughout his ordeal, with teammates and coaching staff acknowledging the difficulties he faces. Their collective goal is to ensure that he is as comfortable as possible and able to focus on his game, mask or no mask. As the tournament progresses, Mbappé's performance will continue to be a key factor in France's pursuit of glory at Euro 2024.

Updated: 09:07, 30 Jun 2024

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