Messi considers Real the best team in the world: 'Personally, I love Guardiola's City'

Lionel Messi extensively reflected on the World Cup in Qatar in an interview with the South American outlet Infobae. The Argentine icon also discussed the possibility of playing in the next international tournament in 2026.

Messi considers Real the best team in the world: 'Personally, I love Guardiola's City' Embed from Getty Images

In 2022, Messi crowned his football career with the ultimate prize: winning the World Cup in Qatar. "That gave me a sense of fulfillment," Messi says.

"I had achieved everything. I managed to accomplish the dreams and goals I had." For Messi, the World Cup victory was the pinnacle of a storied career, finally securing the one major title that had eluded him. Despite the immense significance of this achievement, Messi admitted that he has not rewatched the match. "Not at the moment. Maybe later," says the Inter Miami forward. "The truth is that I never liked watching myself, either on the field or in interviews." This reluctance to revisit his own performances underscores Messi's modesty and his focus on the present and future rather than past glories.

This summer, Messi will play with Argentina in the Copa América. Coach Lionel Scaloni's team will aim to defend their 2021 title, an important tournament for Argentina as they look to build on their recent successes. Messi's leadership and experience will be crucial for Argentina as they seek to retain their continental crown. However, Messi is unsure if he will participate in the next World Cup in 2026. "It depends on how I feel and my physical condition. I have to be realistic and know if I can still compete and help my teammates. Age, although it is just a number, also plays a role in reality." This pragmatic approach highlights Messi's awareness of the demands of international football and his commitment to only continue if he can perform at the highest level.

Presenter Pollo Alvarez also asked Messi which team he currently considers the best in the world. "Real Madrid, because they are the last Champions League champions," Messi responds. "If you talk about results, it's Madrid. If you talk about play, I personally love Guardiola's City. I think any team under Guardiola would be special because of who he is, the way he trains, and the way he makes his teams play." Messi's admiration for Guardiola's style of play reflects his appreciation for tactical innovation and creative football, qualities that he experienced firsthand during his time at Barcelona. His comments highlight the contrast between results-driven success and aesthetic excellence in football.

Real Madrid's recent triumph in the Champions League has solidified their status as one of the top teams globally, demonstrating their consistency and ability to perform in high-stakes competitions. Meanwhile, Guardiola's Manchester City is praised for their fluid and attacking style of play, which has won them admirers worldwide, including Messi. This dual recognition of Madrid's achievements and City's playing style underscores the different facets of what makes a football team great in Messi's eyes.

Updated: 02:26, 7 Jun 2024

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