Nagelsmann won't make any changes for 'big match' against the Netherlands

Germany will play against the Netherlands on Tuesday evening with the same lineup that performed so well against France last Saturday. That's the main message that coach Julian Nagelsmann had to convey at the press conference, the day before the clash in Frankfurt.

Nagelsmann won't make any changes for 'big match' against the Netherlands Embed from Getty Images

Nagelsmann expanded on the team's fitness, reassuring that while there were one or two minor aches, no injuries were significant enough to sideline any players.

The decision to field the same starting eleven as against France was emphasized, albeit with a caveat that it wasn't set in stone. He explained that the team's performance during training would be closely monitored, and adjustments might be made if any players showed signs of fatigue or injury.

In his analysis of the previous match, Nagelsmann identified areas for improvement despite praising the overall performance. He noted that the team could have been more assertive in the attack during the early stages of the game and emphasized the importance of refining their ability to play out from the back under pressure. However, he commended the team's resilience, particularly highlighting Antonio Rüdiger's swift response to rectify a defensive error late in the game.

Looking ahead to the clash with the Netherlands, Nagelsmann stressed the need to build on the positive momentum from the previous match and avoid any regression. He acknowledged a palpable increase in enthusiasm among fans but cautioned against complacency, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a continuous improvement mindset.

Regarding individual players, Nagelsmann offered glowing praise for Joshua Kimmich, emphasizing his pivotal role within the team and his exemplary leadership qualities. He highlighted Kimmich's passionate post-match display in France, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the team's success despite any setbacks.

While the Dutch team wasn't the focal point of the press conference, Nagelsmann acknowledged the significance of the fixture as a high-stakes encounter between neighboring nations. However, he refrained from making specific predictions about the Dutch team's performance in the upcoming tournament, opting for a diplomatic stance on their potential success.

Updated: 04:43, 25 Mar 2024

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