Postecoglou reacts to Swedish VAR decision: 'I'm going to live there'

Ange Postecoglou does not mince words when it comes to VAR. The Tottenham Hotspur manager responded sharply to the decision in Sweden not to implement the video assistant referee.

Postecoglou reacts to Swedish VAR decision: 'I'm going to live there' Embed from Getty Images

"I'm going to live there next year," said a smiling Ange Postecoglou when asked about Sweden's decision not to implement VAR.

His comment elicited much laughter from the audience at the press conference. "It will definitely stay here," the Tottenham Hotspur manager continued. "I would change a lot about it. It has fundamentally changed the game, and I don't think that was the intention."

Last week, it was revealed that VAR would not be adopted in Sweden. The decision came after a majority of eighteen clubs voted against implementing the video assistant referee system. This news seemed to resonate with Postecoglou, who is known for his forthright views on the matter.

Postecoglou acknowledged that VAR has its merits. "Like everyone else, I watched the Champions League last night. If you hadn't told me there was VAR, I wouldn't have known." Yet, he maintains a critical stance. "At the moment, it seems like we want to scrutinize the minutest details of what happens during a match. It has changed the match experience, whether you're participating or not."

The debate over VAR continues to evolve, and if Premier League refereeing chief Howard Webb has his way, referees will soon explain their decisions directly to the public after consulting the VAR monitor. This proposal aims to increase transparency and understanding of decisions during matches, potentially enhancing the acceptance of VAR among fans and players alike.

Updated: 02:19, 1 May 2024

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