Praising words for the much-talked-about Richarlison: 'I am even happier than he is'

As if it was meant to be, Richarlison emerged as the matchwinner for Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday as a substitute. The Brazilian forward was instrumental in injury time with a goal and an assist, leading the late comeback against Sheffield United (2-1), after he had opened up earlier this week about his mental health issues.

Praising words for the much-talked-about Richarlison: 'I am even happier than he is' Embed from Getty Images

Richarlison spoke openly in an interview with Globo Esporte about the difficult period he has been through, especially due to issues off the pitch. 'There were people around me who only saw money. I have now moved on from that. It seems I am getting back in form as my life starts to get back on track. The storm has passed,' the 26-year-old Brazilian international candidly said. 'When I return to England, I will seek psychological help. I need to work on my emotions.'

Richarlison's statements received a lot of positive reactions in the football world, and on Saturday, the former forward for Watford and Everton received further compliments, this time for his decisive role for Spurs. It seemed Spurs were headed for their first defeat in the Premier League well into injury time, but Richarlison decided otherwise. After coming on in the eightieth minute, he first headed a goal from a corner and then also assisted in Dejan Kulusevski's 2-1 goal.

English media spoke afterwards of a well-deserved dream scenario for the forward, who hadn't been as decisive since the Champions League match against Olympique Marseille last year (2-0). Captain Heung Min-Son was very happy for his teammate. 'Everyone is happy for him, and so am I. I'm probably even happier than he is. He has a lot of qualities, but self-confidence determines everything. I just wanted to give him a big hug; he deserves it.'

Son's kind words made it clear that Richarlison enjoys a lot of support within the Tottenham squad. Manager Ange Postecoglou was also pleased for his protege. 'In life, we are all looking for a certain balance, but he needs to understand he's still a fantastic footballer. He has so much to offer,' said the Australian on the BBC. 'Hopefully, this eases the burden he carries, as many of us do. I am very happy for him; he did really well.'

Updated: 03:28, 18 Sep 2023

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