Red card against Genoa costs Vlahovic a fortune

A red card is never pleasant. Usually, it means that you can't practice your profession for a certain period due to a suspension. In the case of Dusan Vlahovic, there is another good reason to be really upset about his red card. It actually costs him a fortune.

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Vlahovic's display of frustration last Sunday has become a significant talking point in the football world.

As Juventus grapples with a challenging phase, having secured a mere victory in their last seven league outings, the pressure was palpable. Their latest encounter against Genoa ended in disappointment, with the team failing to clinch crucial points, further exacerbating the sense of crisis within the squad. The match was particularly notable for Vlahovic's premature departure. In a dramatic turn during injury time, the Serbian striker received two yellow cards in quick succession. Despite being cautioned, Vlahovic's protests towards the referee did not cease, culminating in his expulsion from the game.

This incident has had financial repercussions for Vlahovic. Renowned Italian sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport, has reported that Juventus has imposed a significant fine on the forward. The penalty, calculated at five percent of his gross monthly salary, translates to a hefty sum of approximately 70,000 euros. This move by Juventus underscores the club's strict stance on discipline and the costly nature of impulsive actions on the pitch.

The ramifications of Vlahovic's red card extend beyond the financial. His suspension has further complicated matters for Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, who is already navigating through a challenging period with the team. The absence of Arek Milik, another key striker sidelined due to injury, has left a void in the forward line. With Vlahovic's suspension sidelining him for the upcoming crucial clash against Lazio on March 30th, Allegri's tactical options are significantly limited.

Moreover, Vlahovic's difficulties are not confined to club football. The striker has had to withdraw from the Serbian national team's engagements during the international break, citing back problems. This decision marks a personal setback for Vlahovic, who is undoubtedly keen to contribute to his national team's efforts on the international stage.

The convergence of these events paints a challenging picture for both Vlahovic and Juventus. For Vlahovic, the immediate future holds a period of reflection and recovery, both from his physical ailments and the repercussions of his actions. Juventus, on the other hand, faces the daunting task of navigating through this turbulent phase without one of their key players, all the while striving to regain their form in the league. The situation underscores the intricate balance between player discipline, team dynamics, and the overarching objectives within professional football, highlighting how moments of frustration can lead to significant consequences for both individuals and teams alike.

Updated: 11:23, 20 Mar 2024

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