Rennes captain vents: 'We are idiots'

The way Stade Rennes lost to Stade Brest on Sunday is incomprehensible to captain Benjamin Bourigeaud. 'We are idiots.'

Rennes captain vents: 'We are idiots' Embed from Getty Images

On Sunday, a pivotal match unfolded dramatically for Stade Rennais FC, marking a significant downturn in their campaign for European football.

Positioned ninth in the league and facing just three remaining fixtures, their encounter with Stade Brestois was crucial. A victory was essential to revive their hopes of climbing the standings, as it would have dramatically altered their trajectory towards securing a European slot. Unfortunately, the match did not go as planned.

Rennes initially took a commanding 2-0 lead, suggesting a smooth path to victory. However, the game's dynamics shifted unexpectedly. In a tumultuous turn of events, Brest staged a remarkable comeback, overturning the deficit to ultimately triumph with a 5-4 scoreline. The climax of the match was particularly heart-wrenching for Rennes supporters, as Brest clinched their winning goal deep into stoppage time, leaving Rennes players and fans alike in disbelief.

The aftermath of the game was charged with emotion. Captain Benjamin Bourigeaud openly expressed his frustrations and disappointment in a candid interview with the French media. "I'm not going to hold back. We are frustrated and upset," Bourigeaud declared. His dismay was palpable as he struggled to find words to encapsulate the gravity of their defeat. "It is unacceptable that we concede five goals at home. We made too many stupid mistakes and managed to get back into the game, but then threw it away all of a sudden. Plain and simple: we are idiots. What more do you want me to say?"

Bourigeaud also reflected on the deeper implications of the loss, particularly given the nature of the match as a derby. "In a derby, you need to show certain values. We lacked the determination not to give in," he lamented. His critique extended to the team's overall performance and strategic execution throughout the season. "We did a lot of work and scored four times, but in the end, we needed to make six to win the game. The season is not over, but we have missed this boat, and we can only blame ourselves."

This loss not only impacts Rennes' standings but also casts a long shadow over their season's potential outcomes. With European competition now a more distant prospect, the team must regroup and focus on their remaining fixtures to salvage what remains of their campaign. The disappointment is a hard pill to swallow, but it also serves as a crucial learning opportunity for the team to assess and enhance their tactical approaches, ensuring better resilience in future high-stakes matches.

Updated: 10:53, 29 Apr 2024

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