Roma's training session postponed after police caught a 'spy' from Torino

Michele Orecchio, one of Ivan Juric's assistants, the coach of Torino, was caught spying on the training session of the Roman team, prompting Daniele de Rossi to postpone a tactical session.

Roma's training session postponed after police caught a 'spy' from Torino Embed from Getty Images

On the eve of an important Serie A clash between Roma and Torino, scheduled for Monday at 5:30 PM, an unexpected incident disrupted the preparations of José Mourinho's former squad.

The training session was suddenly interrupted and subsequently postponed due to a peculiar intervention by law enforcement. They apprehended an individual from the opposing team's technical staff, accused of espionage.

The individual in question, identified by the newspaper "Il Messaggero" as Michele Orecchio, serves as one of the assistants to Ivan Juric, Torino's head coach. Orecchio was reportedly caught in the act of spying on Roma's training session, an act that prompted Roma's tactical session, under the direction of Daniele de Rossi, to be rescheduled for Monday.

The discovery was made during a routine inspection at Roma's training facility, a site familiar with such intrigue from Mourinho's tenure. During this period, Mourinho's goalkeeper coach, Nuno Santos, recognized Orecchio, adding a layer of drama to the incident.

This espionage episode adds tension to the upcoming match, with both teams vying for crucial points in the league standings. Roma, looking to secure a position that would qualify them for European competition next season, is currently placed sixth in Serie A with 41 points. Torino, not far behind and aiming to improve their standing, occupies the tenth spot with 36 points.

The incident underscores the high stakes and intense rivalry in Serie A, where every advantage, including tactical insights, is sought after. It also highlights the lengths to which teams are willing to go in their quest for success, even if it means stepping into ethically grey areas. As the league progresses, the ramifications of this incident for both teams, and particularly for those involved in the espionage, will be closely monitored.

Updated: 04:25, 26 Feb 2024

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