The Spanish media point to young standout player for problems at Barça

The Spanish media saw sixteen-year-old Lamine Yamal rescue a point for Barcelona against low-flying Granada on Sunday. Newspapers note that the teenager is currently leading Xavi Hernández's struggling team.

The Spanish media point to young standout player for problems at Barça Embed from Getty Images

The commentary from these prominent sports newspapers Mundo Deportivo, Sport, AS, and Marca paints a comprehensive picture of FC Barcelona's current predicaments, with a particular focus on what's been termed the 'Lamine syndrome', defensive frailties, and leadership issues within the squad.

Mundo Deportivo introduces the concept of the 'Lamine syndrome', highlighting a concerning trend where seasoned players at Barcelona are failing to perform up to the mark. This syndrome points to a broader issue of lack of leadership and dominance in challenging times, with players like Lamine, Cubarsí, Fermín, or Guiu being unable to lift the team during critical moments. This scenario raises questions about who steps up for Barça in tough situations, underlining a team that neither intimidates opponents nor controls games, leaving them susceptible to attacks.

Sport underscores the inability of individual brilliance to salvage the team's fortunes, particularly noting Lamine's efforts to emulate legends like Messi or Henry to carry the team through. However, the defense remains a glaring weakness, suggesting that despite Lamine's and potentially Yamal's offensive contributions, Barcelona lacks the collective defensive strength to back up these performances, making it difficult for the team to secure wins even against lesser opposition.

AS focuses on Yamal's pivotal role in averting a more severe defeat against Granada, where his goals salvaged a point for Barcelona. This performance is contrasted with the team's overall powerlessness and highlights the significant defensive challenges faced by Xavi's side, even against teams struggling in La Liga. It portrays a scenario where even individual heroics are insufficient to mask the team's deeper issues.

Marca delves into the persistent defensive woes plaguing Barcelona, noting that these problems remain acute even after the return of key players like Ter Stegen. The outlook for winning La Liga is described as a utopian dream, casting doubt on Barcelona's prospects for success, both domestically and in Europe, particularly ahead of their Champions League round of 16 clash with Napoli.

Together, these reports depict a Barcelona team at a crossroads, with glaring defensive vulnerabilities, a lack of leadership and dominance on the field, and an over-reliance on individual performances rather than cohesive team play. The commentary suggests a need for a strategic overhaul if Barcelona is to return to its former glory and compete effectively on both domestic and European stages.

Updated: 11:07, 12 Feb 2024

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