Tottenham happy with Van de Ven: 'Grateful that I get to play with him'

Micky van de Ven did not need long to become an important link at Tottenham Hotspur. The Dutchman started in all seven league matches for the current number two in the Premier League, and there is much praise for the defender in England.

Tottenham happy with Van de Ven: 'Grateful that I get to play with him' Embed from Getty Images

Tottenham goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario has now played seven Premier League matches together with Van de Ven, and that was enough to become convinced of his qualities. 'Micky is an incredible player,' the Italian goalkeeper told Viaplay. 'You see him growing every day. He also gets better every day. He is a really good guy and a grand defender. I am very grateful that I get to play with him.'

The Evening Standard, however, also added a note of caution to the praises. The paper thought that Van de Ven did not look good on the goal that Tottenham conceded against Liverpool on Saturday. 'He wasn’t tight enough on Gakpo and he was caught out a few times on Saturday because of it. But his speed was very important to be able to play in the large spaces.'


Not only were there compliments for Van de Ven, but for Tottenham in general. Playmaker James Maddison, in particular, was highlighted. 'He is well on his way to becoming my favorite player in the Premier League,' said Jamie Carragher in The Telegraph. 'He plays as if he comes from bygone times. The reason other top clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool did not get him is because he is a true 10 and that position is tricky in current football.'

'For now, Maddison seems like the prototype of a Spurs player, in the tradition of Paul Gascoigne and Glenn Hoddle. Football is always more fun with players like Maddison, who see the game more as an art than a science. He is one of those rare footballers who the home fans adore and even opposing fans can enjoy.'

Updated: 12:50, 1 Oct 2023

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