Tuchel is annoyed by Bayern's approach in appointing Eberl

Thomas Tuchel has expressed his dissatisfaction with Bayern Munich's approach in appointing Max Eberl. The reigning German champion appointed him as sporting director this week, but according to the head coach, the timing could have been better.

Tuchel is annoyed by Bayern's approach in appointing Eberl Embed from Getty Images

With the appointment of Max Eberl, Bayern Munich has introduced a new management structure, signaling a significant shift in the club's leadership dynamics.

In this restructured setup, Jan-Christian Dreesen has been named the club's CEO, Christoph Freund takes on the role of technical manager, and Eberl steps in as the sporting director. This overhaul, as pointed out by coach Thomas Tuchel, marks a period of considerable internal change within the club, exemplified by the fact that it's the third major reorganization of the club's management hierarchy in just ten months. Tuchel expressed his frustration at a press conference, highlighting the disruption caused by these frequent changes, especially as they seem to coincide with crucial times in the Bundesliga calendar.

Tuchel's irritation doesn't stop at the timing and frequency of these management reshuffles; he also noted the direct impact such announcements have on the team's preparation and focus. The coach revealed that he missed Eberl's introductory presentation due to the team's training schedule, underscoring the challenge of maintaining concentration on football amidst the club's off-field rearrangements. Tuchel emphasized the importance of the team staying focused on the sport, hinting at the potential distractions such organizational changes might cause.

Despite these challenges, Tuchel appears confident in his autonomy regarding team decisions, particularly in relation to the lineup and the team's style of play. He believes that his position as the one responsible for these aspects remains unchanged, even with Eberl's arrival. Tuchel's familiarity with Eberl, bolstered by recent conversations between the two, seems to reassure the coach of Eberl's support for his vision and approach to the game. Tuchel anticipates full backing from Eberl and is curious about the potential positive impacts this new appointment might bring to the team's performance and cohesion.

This period of transition for Bayern Munich, marked by significant changes in its management structure, presents both challenges and opportunities. As the team navigates these internal shifts, the focus remains on balancing the demands of competitive football with the dynamics of club leadership and administration. Tuchel's comments reflect a broader concern for stability and continuity within the club, as well as a hopeful outlook on the collaboration with Eberl to steer Bayern Munich towards continued success.

Updated: 02:12, 29 Feb 2024

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