UEFA chooses French referee for Netherlands - Turkey match

Clément Turpin has been appointed by UEFA as the referee for the quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Turkey in the European Championship. The Frenchman was present at another important moment for the Dutch team.

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Turpin has previously refereed three matches involving the Dutch team, with the most recent being in 2021.

This was during the Netherlands vs. Norway match at De Kuip, where a 2-0 victory secured the Dutch team a spot in the World Cup in Qatar. The match was played in an empty stadium due to the COVID-19 crisis at the time. Turpin is also known in the Netherlands for the 2015 match between Feyenoord and AS Roma, in which he issued red cards to Mitchell te Vrede and substitute Erwin Mulder.

For Turpin, this will be his third European Championship match this year and his seventh in total. Earlier in this tournament, he had the honor of officiating the opening match between Germany and Scotland, followed by the group match between England and Slovenia. This consistent appointment to high-profile matches highlights Turpin's reputation and the trust UEFA places in his officiating abilities.

The Dutch team has a purely positive record under Turpin. In addition to the previously mentioned 2-0 victory against Norway, the Netherlands also won against England (2019, 3-1 after extra time in the Nations League) and Kazakhstan (2015, 1-2 in the European Championship qualifiers) under Turpin's officiating. These victories under his watch demonstrate a favorable trend for the Dutch team, potentially boosting their confidence for the upcoming match against Turkey.

Clément Turpin, a highly experienced referee, has been a prominent figure in European football, known for his calm demeanor and ability to manage high-stakes matches effectively. His appointment for the Netherlands vs. Turkey quarter-final underscores the importance of the match and UEFA's commitment to ensuring top-notch officiating for critical games in the tournament. With a track record of handling intense and pivotal encounters, Turpin's role will be crucial in maintaining fair play and discipline on the field.

Updated: 10:41, 4 Jul 2024

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