UEFA increases Champions League prize pool by half a billion

UEFA has announced that European prize money will increase starting next season. Not only does the Champions League prize pool see a significant increase, but the Europa League and the Conference League will also benefit.

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The forthcoming season is set to witness a notable escalation in prize money allocations for the first time in half a decade.

During its recent annual congress, UEFA disclosed a substantial increase in the financial rewards for participating teams, with the total prize fund rising to at least €2.46 billion from the previously established €2 billion in 2018. This adjustment reflects a significant financial upliftment aimed at further incentivizing club performances in UEFA competitions.

This increment in prize money is attributed to the advent of the expanded Champions League format, now featuring 36 teams and additional match rounds. This expansion, dubbed the XL-Champions League, was envisioned to augment the competitiveness and appeal of what is already considered the pinnacle of club football in Europe. Despite the competition's continued success and prestige, the financial yields from the expanded format have not fully met initial expectations. The growth in financial returns, marked at 21 percent, does not proportionally match the 45 percent increase in the number of matches, leading to a diminished revenue per match scenario. This discrepancy highlights the challenges in balancing the commercial expansion of the competition with maintaining or enhancing per-match profitability.

The situation surrounding the broadcasting rights further illustrates the constraints in market valuation, with a notable plateau in value increases. This was similarly observed in the previous year's Premier League broadcasting rights sales, indicating a broader trend in the sports broadcasting market. For the Europa League, UEFA has earmarked €565 million for the upcoming season, up from €465 million, showcasing a generous increase. Meanwhile, the Conference League is set to receive €285 million, rising from €235 million, ensuring substantial support for clubs participating in UEFA's third-tier competition.

The return of European club competitions this week marks a pivotal moment in the football calendar. The Champions League resumes with the eagerly anticipated round of 16 matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, setting the stage for high-stakes football across the continent. Following closely, the Europa League and Conference League are set to reignite the competitive spirit with an intermediate round designed to filter teams into the round of 16. These developments underscore UEFA's commitment to enhancing the competitive landscape and financial allure of European club football, promising an exciting and rewarding season ahead for clubs and fans alike.

Updated: 12:21, 13 Feb 2024

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