Xavi and Ter Stegen call for goal-line technology: 'It's a shame'

Barcelona's recent clash with Real Madrid at the Bernabéu resulted in a controversial 3-2 defeat, exacerbating their title race challenges as they now trail the LaLiga leader by 11 points.

Xavi and Ter Stegen call for goal-line technology: 'It's a shame' Embed from Getty Images

Barcelona's recent 3-2 defeat at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid has sparked significant controversy and disappointment among the team and its fans, especially due to a critical non-call involving goal-line technology.

The incident occurred when a shot by Barcelona's Yamal appeared to cross the line, but without goal-line technology in use and VAR unable to provide a definitive angle, the goal was not awarded. This decision has left Barcelona trailing by 11 points behind the LaLiga leader, significantly dampening their title hopes.

Goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen voiced his frustration, criticizing the lack of crucial technological support in LaLiga, which is standard in many other top European leagues. "It's a shame for football. Not having goal-line technology and not finding a good angle to check [if it was a goal] seems to me a disgrace for football. Other leagues have it... I've said it before, there's a lot of money involved in the world of football, yet there's no money for what's important. It seems like a shame to me," he lamented.

Echoing Ter Stegen's sentiments, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández expressed his profound disappointment and sense of injustice over the league's technological deficiencies. "I completely agree with Ter Stegen. We shouldn't keep quiet. Yes, it's a shame. My feeling is of utmost injustice. I am very disappointed with LaLiga. They want this to be the best league, I don't understand how we don't have this technology? Everyone saw that it was a goal! In the game against Getafe, I said that I didn't like the things I saw. Today, it's the last straw," Xavi stated. Despite this setback, Xavi praised his team's performance, asserting that they played better than Real Madrid and deserved a victory.

Further discussing the match, Xavi highlighted how specific defensive errors in critical moments led to their defeat, similar to their earlier season matchup. "We were better than Real Madrid and deserved the victory. We played well, but specific mistakes cost us the win. It's football. I asked that the referee be fair and he didn't get one right. Later, when it was 2-1, not defending well in the box hurt us, just like in the first leg. Two matches that we deserved to win. That's what separates us," he explained.

In spite of these challenges, Xavi remains optimistic about the future of Barcelona, noting the young talent within the squad that promises growth and improvement. "I tell the fans that we were the best. Everyone saw. Barça has a very bright future, we are playing with players who are 17, 18, and 20 years old. In the future, there will be successes," he concluded, rallying the Barcelona faithful around the potential of their young stars.

Updated: 10:41, 22 Apr 2024

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