Almost half of Serie A in Europe: how that is possible

Nine Italian teams in Europe, it's possible next season. If Fiorentina wins the Conference League and finishes eighth in Serie A, the ninth-place team will also get a European ticket. Here’s how it works.

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In principle, Italy would get seven tickets, as the number two on the UEFA coefficient list. The first four normally go to the Champions League, the fifth and sixth to the Europa League, and the seventh to the Conference League.

But Italy is performing excellently in Europe this season. Since the Champions League will expand from 32 to 36 teams next season, UEFA will award one additional ticket to the two countries with the most coefficient points this season: Italy and Germany. So, there will be five instead of four for Serie A.

Due to this bonus spot, all other European tickets move up by one place. The eighth-place team, currently Fiorentina, will go to the Conference League. Fiorentina is set to play in the final of this tournament next Wednesday against Olympiakos. If La Viola wins and remains in eighth place in Italy, that Conference League ticket will go to the ninth-place team: Torino, who will visit Atalanta Bergamo on Sunday, or the dethroned champion Napoli, who will play at home against Lecce. UEFA has confirmed this to Sky Sports.

Apart from the total number of tickets, Italy could even have six teams in the Champions League. If Atalanta Bergamo wins the Europa League final against Bayer Leverkusen next Wednesday, the North Italians will automatically qualify for the Champions League. Given their current league position, a Champions League ticket would then go to the sixth-place team, currently AS Roma.

This situation highlights the remarkable performance of Italian clubs in European competitions this season. Their success has significantly boosted Italy’s UEFA coefficient, ensuring more representation in prestigious tournaments next season. It’s a testament to the quality and competitiveness of Serie A teams on the continental stage.

Fiorentina’s potential impact is particularly noteworthy. Winning the Conference League would not only secure their place in European competitions but also extend the benefits to another Italian team. This cascading effect demonstrates the interconnected nature of football qualifications and the ripple effects of a single team’s success.

For Torino and Napoli, this development adds a layer of excitement and pressure to their upcoming matches. Securing ninth place could now mean an unexpected opportunity to compete in Europe, highlighting the stakes involved in the final rounds of Serie A.

Atalanta’s potential Europa League triumph further emphasizes the possibility of multiple Italian teams excelling in top-tier European competitions. Their success would allow AS Roma to benefit from the additional Champions League spot, underscoring the depth of talent and potential within Serie A.

Overall, these scenarios underscore a season of high stakes and significant achievements for Italian football. The possibility of having nearly half of Serie A teams in European competitions next season speaks volumes about the league’s strength and the exciting prospects ahead for its clubs and supporters.

Updated: 02:54, 20 May 2024

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