Gvardiol against his former club: 'I would rather forget that match'

Manchester City – RB Leipzig on Tuesday evening will be a match for the top spot in Group G of the Champions League. The English team has three more points than the Germans prior to the meeting, which will be a special one for City defender Josko Gvardiol.

Gvardiol against his former club: 'I would rather forget that match' Embed from Getty Images

The Croatian defender will have to keep the men from scoring who, until a few months ago, were his teammates. 'In Leipzig, I grew as a person and as a footballer, perhaps I was prepared there for the next step to the Premier League. That's the world's biggest competition and it's an honor to be part of what is currently the best club in it,' said Gvardiol at the press conference.

How is he finding his move so far? 'I haven’t discussed my move to England with people. I have self-confidence in everything I do. I am still adapting, which takes time since I didn’t experience the preparation here. That's just how it is, I try to learn as much as possible and be ready for every game. Hopefully, in January we'll have time to work on my positioning on the field.'

The defender was also reminded of a less pleasant evening: last year, in this fixture, he was on the side of Die Roten Bullen and had to watch as Pep Guardiola's team, with an unleashed Erling Haaland, steamrolled over Leipzig with a 7-0 victory. 'I would rather forget that. I remember waking up and the sun was shining, and after half an hour it started raining. It was a mess. Ah, that's football, we did lose to the eventual winners,' concluded Gvardiol.

Updated: 04:06, 27 Nov 2023

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