Leipzig coach Rose goes berserk after 'unjust' yellow card for Xavi Simons

Xavi Simons was booked in injury time on Saturday afternoon with a 3-0 lead for RB Leipzig against VfL Wolfsburg. The Dutchman was accused by referee Christian Dingert of diving. However, his coach Marco Rose presents a completely different version.

Leipzig coach Rose goes berserk after 'unjust' yellow card for Xavi Simons Embed from Getty Images

Marco Rose, visibly frustrated, continued to detail the challenges faced by Xavi Simons, emphasizing the physicality he endures in matches.

"Every week it's the same story; he's targeted because opponents see him as a threat due to his agility and skill," Rose explained to Kicker. "But it's his resilience and determination to push forward under pressure that sets him apart even when we're comfortably ahead, he's looking to make plays, to make a difference."

The coach also highlighted the subjective nature of officiating which often puts players like Simons in a difficult position. "The inconsistency in refereeing decisions when it comes to physical contact can be disheartening. Players like Xavi, who are quick and nimble, often appear to be treated differently," Rose argued. The young midfielder's style of play, which involves rapid changes in speed and direction, frequently draws contact from defenders, sometimes resulting in contentious referee decisions.

Further illustrating the point, Rose discussed the broader implications of such frequent bookings on a player's mentality and approach to the game. "It's not just about the immediate game; these cards accumulate and can lead to suspensions that affect our team composition and strategy," he pointed out. The suspensions not only impact the matches directly but also influence how players approach their game to avoid future bookings.

Reflecting on Simons' growth and his journey from PSV to RB Leipzig, Rose expressed pride in his development but also caution. "He's grown tremendously with us. His goal-scoring and assists are testament to his development and crucial role in the team. However, adapting to the physicality here, and managing his reactions on the field are areas where he can still grow," Rose concluded.

Rose’s own suspension illustrates the high stakes and intense emotions involved in top-tier football, where every decision can significantly impact the course of a season. Despite these challenges, Rose remains committed to defending his players and advocating for fair play and consistency in officiating.

Updated: 08:44, 14 Apr 2024

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