Motta bids farewell with tears in Bologna: 'Shared many emotions with each other'

Thiago Motta's era at Bologna has truly come to an end. The Italian club lost their final match of the season on Friday, away against Genoa. After the match, the coach could hardly hold back his tears.

Motta bids farewell with tears in Bologna: 'Shared many emotions with each other' Embed from Getty Images

Motta is not renewing his expiring contract with Bologna and is reportedly on his way to Juventus, according to Italian media.

After two years, his time at Bologna is coming to an end. "It was a wonderful time. We shared many emotions and moments together. I want to thank all the fans for their support, both at home and away," the coach told Sky Sport Italia.

Bologna had already qualified for the Champions League by finishing in the top five of Serie A. Therefore, the 2-0 defeat at Genoa was not the end of the world. "We have made history with this club," Motta continued. "The staff and I gave everything to ensure Bologna finished as high as possible, but the players are the true protagonists."

"Now I am no longer the coach of this team, but the players know that they can count on me at any moment. As a father, older brother, or friend," said Motta. "This is how I approached it with the youth at Paris Saint-Germain, at Spezia, and now at Bologna. We always treat each other with respect. That's why we achieved these results."

At the end of the interview, Motta stood before the camera with tearful eyes. "I always treat my players the way I would want someone to treat my children. I only have daughters, but the idea is the same. I think this has helped the players, and they have also helped me in return."

The future looks promising for Motta as he is set to join Juventus, one of Italy's top clubs, where he will face new challenges and opportunities. His departure from Bologna marks the end of a significant chapter, but his impact on the team and the players will be remembered. The fans, who have shown unwavering support throughout his tenure, will undoubtedly miss his leadership and dedication.

As Motta transitions to Juventus, Bologna will begin the search for a new head coach who can build on the foundations laid by Motta. The club's recent success in qualifying for the Champions League provides a solid platform for future achievements. The players, having experienced Motta's unique approach and mentorship, will carry forward the lessons learned during his time with the team.

Motta's coaching philosophy, emphasizing respect, emotional connection, and treating players like family, has proven effective and will be a valuable asset as he embarks on his new journey with Juventus. The football world will be watching closely to see how he adapts and succeeds in his new role.

Updated: 08:42, 25 May 2024

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