Remarkable response from Luis Enrique: 'Then we might as well be dead'

Luis Enrique has caused quite a stir with his perspective on the near future. The Paris Saint-Germain coach, after the league match against Strasbourg, was asked if he was worried about the upcoming Champions League game against Real Sociedad and responded with a remarkable answer.

Remarkable response from Luis Enrique: 'Then we might as well be dead' Embed from Getty Images

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world, is gearing up for a crucial Champions League Round of 16 match against Real Sociedad on February 14th.

This comes amid a series of performances that have raised questions about the team's current form. Despite their star-studded lineup, PSG's recent outings in domestic competitions have been a mix of resilience and struggle, offering a complex picture of their readiness for the high stakes of European competition.

In their last match against Stade Brest, led by goalkeeper Marco Bizot, PSG was held to a 2-2 draw. This result was particularly striking as Stade Brest, though a competent team, is not generally seen as being on the same level as the Parisian giants. The draw raised eyebrows and led to discussions about PSG's defensive capabilities and overall team cohesion.

However, the team's ability to grind out results was on display in their following match against Strasbourg. Despite being pushed into a defensive stance in the second half, PSG managed to secure a 2-1 victory, thanks to key contributions from stars Kylian Mbappé and Marco Asensio. This victory, while not convincing, showed PSG's resilience and ability to win even when they are not at their best.

Luis Enrique, the head coach of PSG, remains unfazed by the mixed performances. He views the recent games positively, emphasizing the team's good mentality and defensive organization. For Enrique, the ability to control a game through solid defense is a vital aspect of his team's strategy, and he seems satisfied with how PSG is implementing this approach.

Interestingly, when questioned about the looming Champions League fixture, Enrique's response was notably philosophical and detached. He remarked, "In twelve days, we could all be dead," a statement reflecting a broader perspective on life and football. His focus, as he made clear, is on the immediate challenges, particularly the upcoming cup match against Brest, which he views with the seriousness of a final. This approach underlines Enrique's belief in dealing with the present, suggesting a mindset where the future, including the Champions League, takes a backseat to immediate objectives.

Enrique's reluctance to comment on the team's progress since December further demonstrates his preference for evaluating the team's performance over a complete season, rather than in fragments. His cryptic comment about the team's potential fluctuating form in the coming months adds an element of mystery and unpredictability to PSG's campaign. It suggests that while the team may experience ups and downs, the ultimate goal remains clear – to win all possible titles by the end of the season. This ambition reflects both the high standards and the pressure at a club like PSG, where success is measured in trophies and titles.

In summary, as PSG prepares for their Champions League encounter with Real Sociedad, their recent domestic performances have been a mixed bag, yet they have shown resilience and tactical flexibility. Luis Enrique's comments indicate a focus on the present and an overarching goal of achieving success by the season's end, an approach that might well define PSG's journey in the coming months.

Updated: 06:50, 3 Feb 2024

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