Ronaldo unstoppable: from the peak at Real Madrid to repeating history at Al Nassr

The Portuguese forward is just three accurate shots away from 50 goals for the Riyadh team this season.

Ronaldo unstoppable: from the peak at Real Madrid to repeating history at Al Nassr Embed from Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo's performance on Saturday not only added another hat-trick to his impressive tally for 2024 but also positioned him tantalizingly close to another significant milestone in his illustrious career.

With his three goals against Al Wehda, Ronaldo has now amassed 47 goals for Al Nassr this season, nearing the 50-goal threshold, a mark reminiscent of his golden days at Real Madrid where he consistently exceeded this figure.

During his tenure with the merengues, Ronaldo's ability to surpass 50 goals season after season highlighted his consistency and lethal finishing skills at the highest levels of club football. His goal-scoring feats included a peak of 61 goals in the 2014/15 season, demonstrating his dominance in La Liga and European competitions. These accomplishments not only secured his status as a Real Madrid legend but also as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Now, as he approaches the end of the season with Al Nassr, Ronaldo is not just aiming to replicate his past exploits but also to set a new career milestone. His ambition to reach 900 career goals before the season concludes is a testament to his enduring prowess and determination. With 890 goals to his name so far, this objective seems well within reach given his current form.

The significance of Ronaldo's pursuit of 900 goals is immense, not only for him personally but for the sport globally. Achieving such a number would not only cement his legacy but also set a benchmark that will be challenging for future generations to surpass. His impact extends beyond just his scoring ability, influencing teammates, inspiring fans, and elevating the profile of the Saudi Pro League internationally.

Ronaldo's journey from a young talent at Sporting Lisbon to a global icon at clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus and now Al Nassr illustrates a career built on relentless ambition and exceptional skill. Each milestone and record he approaches or breaks further solidifies his place in the annals of football history.

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Ronaldo, watching eagerly to see if he can achieve his goal of 900 career goals. His performances continue to captivate fans around the world, proving that even at 39, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a formidable force in the world of football.

Updated: 11:52, 5 May 2024

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