Shaw places blame for injury on himself, Ten Hag, and the medical staff

Luke Shaw has acknowledged that mistakes were made regarding his injury. He did not place the blame on one party but held several people responsible for it, including himself.

Shaw places blame for injury on himself, Ten Hag, and the medical staff Embed from Getty Images

This season, Luke Shaw has only played twelve league matches for Manchester United due to significant struggles with injuries.

Despite his limited playing time, Gareth Southgate has still called him up for England's Euro squad. However, the defender is still not fit, and it is uncertain whether he will be ready for the opening match.

Shaw last played a match in February. At a recent press event, he reflected on the severity of his situation, explaining that it didn't have to be this serious. "In the match against Aston Villa, I felt something and was taken off at halftime." Despite this, Shaw was "simply" put back in the next match against Luton Town, a decision he now realizes was unwise.

Shaw believes that multiple parties are to blame for his extended injury woes. "If the manager asks me to play, I will never say 'no.' But I shouldn't have played in that match. That's partly my fault and partly the fault of the medical staff. I think everyone will admit that. I hadn't trained all week, only the day before the match."

He elaborated further, acknowledging that he felt an obligation to play when asked but recognized that pushing through the injury was detrimental. "It’s always tough to say no when the team needs you, but looking back, we should have been more cautious. Playing against Luton Town without proper training made things worse."

Shaw’s admission highlights the complex interplay between player, management, and medical staff responsibilities in handling injuries. It underscores the importance of proper injury management and the difficult decisions players and teams face in balancing immediate needs against long-term health.

Updated: 11:35, 9 Jun 2024

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