Southgate should not call up Maguire for his own good

Jamie Carragher argues that Harry Maguire should not be called up for the England national team anymore. According to the former top Liverpool defender, Maguire needs to first get his club career back on track.

Southgate should not call up Maguire for his own good Embed from Getty Images

Maguire played an unfortunate role in Tuesday's friendly match against Scotland with an own goal. This led to laughter from the stands, which greatly upset national coach Gareth Southgate. 

In his column for The Telegraph, Carragher writes that Southgate would do better to not call him up for the time being. 'I feel sorry for Maguire, but it's for his own good.'

According to the 38-time England international, this only inflicts more harm on Maguire. 'The defender carries too much baggage and he needs to first shed it at Manchester United before it becomes even heavier. Maguire endured a nightmare. For his own protection, he shouldn't play for England until he gets his career back on track. Both personally and professionally, this situation is untenable.'

That's why Carragher appeals to Southgate. 'I cannot recall any top-level player in recent years who has endured as much as Maguire and struggled so much to find the right response. I love that lad, always have. But this is bullying, Maguire is being belittled. This has to stop. Primarily for Maguire's own sake. Do not call him up for the time being.'

Updated: 11:16, 14 Sep 2023

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