Ten Hag hints at changes to solve big problem

Erik ten Hag hopes that Manchester United can hit the nail on the head next season. His team was not good enough this season to make a bid for the league title in England.

Ten Hag hints at changes to solve big problem Embed from Getty Images

Erik ten Hag is navigating through a challenging second season at the helm of Manchester United.

After a promising debut season where his team finished third in the Premier League, secured a spot in the Champions League, and lifted the FA Cup, the current campaign has seen a noticeable dip in form. The Dutch manager attributes part of this decline to a spate of injuries plaguing his squad and remains hopeful of a turnaround in the upcoming season.

Central to ten Hag's strategy for improvement is a renewed focus on talent development. In a detailed conversation with Sky Sports, he highlighted the challenges of recruitment faced over the past decade, noting that Manchester United has often been unable to secure its top transfer targets. "In these cases, we have had to pivot our approach, choosing to invest in emerging talents rather than established stars," ten Hag explained. This philosophy not only aligns with the club’s long-term vision but also adapts to the practical constraints of the transfer market.

Proactive discussions with Manchester United's senior management have already taken place regarding strategies to bolster the squad's resilience and depth. "Our initial meetings were quite positive, and there's a sense of urgency to address these issues promptly, especially with the summer transfer window approaching," ten Hag stated. The aim is to build an infrastructure that not only enhances the team's competitive edge but also mitigates the injury woes that have undermined this season’s efforts.

This season's statistics paint a stark picture of the disruption caused by injuries, with the team having to field thirty different defensive line-ups across 47 matches. "These adjustments were not a matter of choice but necessity," ten Hag remarked, underscoring the severe impact on team consistency and performance. Despite these challenges, he praised his players for their resilience and fighting spirit, qualities that resonate well with the fans.

The fanbase, according to ten Hag, yearns for a team that not only competes but prevails in the toughest matches. "Our goal is always to meet these expectations by fielding a competitive and spirited team," he affirmed. Moving forward, the focus is clear: to solidify the squad through strategic acquisitions and enhanced training regimes, ensuring that Manchester United not only returns to its former glory but also establishes a sustainable model of success rooted in the development of young talent.

Updated: 01:18, 4 May 2024

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