Tens of thousands of fans watch Mourinho shine during the presentation

Without having coached a single match in the Turkish league, José Mourinho is already immensely popular among Fenerbahçe fans. The Portuguese coach was appointed as the new manager this week and was welcomed in a packed stadium.

Tens of thousands of fans watch Mourinho shine during the presentation Embed from Getty Images

When the microphone was properly positioned in front of the seated Mourinho, the fans cheered even louder, and the Portuguese waved to them.

"First of all, I want to thank you for your love," were Mourinho's first words. "The love I felt from the very first moment my name was linked to Fenerbahçe."

Mourinho was already popular before his arrival in Istanbul, and his speech made him even more beloved. "Normally, a coach is loved after victories; now I feel loved before I have won anything. I promise that from this moment on, I belong to your family. This shirt will be my skin. Football is passion..." Mourinho couldn't finish that sentence because his name was chanted by the entire crowd. The Portuguese coach skillfully responded by waving Fenerbahçe's shirt. "From the moment I signed my contract, your dreams became my dreams."

At Fenerbahçe, Mourinho will be working with players like Dusan Tadic, Jayden Oosterwolde, Ferdi Kadioglu, and Sebastian Szymanski. The coach had been without a club since January, after being dismissed by AS Roma.

The grand presentation at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium was a testament to Mourinho's instant impact and the high expectations surrounding his appointment. The excitement was palpable as thousands of fans gathered to witness the beginning of what they hope will be a successful era under Mourinho's leadership.

Fenerbahçe went to great lengths to ensure the event was memorable. The club's YouTube channel streamed the buildup live for five hours before Mourinho's appearance, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. As the clock struck 6:00 PM Dutch time, Mourinho, accompanied by club chairman Ali Koç, walked onto the pitch to a thunderous reception.

Chairman Koç addressed the fans first, delivering a passionate speech that further energized the crowd. His words set the stage for Mourinho, who then took the microphone amid roaring applause. The fans' immediate embrace of Mourinho highlighted their hope and belief in his ability to bring glory to Fenerbahçe.

Mourinho's new chapter at Fenerbahçe marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career. Known for his tactical acumen and charismatic personality, Mourinho has a track record of winning titles with top clubs across Europe. His commitment to becoming part of the Fenerbahçe family and his promise to adopt the club's dreams as his own have already endeared him to the supporters.

The combination of Mourinho's expertise and the talent within the Fenerbahçe squad creates a potent mix that fans hope will translate into success on the pitch. As the new season approaches, all eyes will be on Mourinho and his ability to navigate the challenges of Turkish football while striving to meet the high expectations set by the club and its passionate fan base.

Updated: 09:16, 2 Jun 2024

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