The best of the Premier League is lackluster in Euro 2024: 'I feel frustrated'

Phil Foden is not managing to achieve the high performance with the England national team that he showcased with Manchester City.

The best of the Premier League is lackluster in Euro 2024: 'I feel frustrated' Embed from Getty Images

Phil Foden was named the best player in the Premier League in 2023/24, but he is not managing to achieve the same performance with the England national team at Euro 2024.

"I feel a bit frustrated, I'm not going to lie. I want to try to score goals, try to do better things for England, and sometimes it hasn't worked out, but it's about keeping a positive mindset. I wasn't the best player in the Premier League to come here and not show it. I feel that with each game I take small steps forward, and I hope to put in good performances for England, that has always been my goal," admitted the 24-year-old Manchester City playmaker.

Despite scoring 27 goals and providing 13 assists for the "Citizens" last season, Phil Foden has not played in his preferred position in the European Championship, as that role is assigned to Jude Bellingham, the "star" of Real Madrid.

"This season, I showed at Manchester City that I moved more centrally, scored more goals, and influenced more games. I have always been honest about my position and always saw myself playing in the center of the field, but I don't agree that I can't play alongside Jude Bellingham, I think we can fit in the last matches," stated Phil Foden, who has been playing as a left winger for the Three Lions.

To conclude, the footballer partially absolved the English manager, who has been heavily criticized.

"I feel sorry for Gareth [Southgate]. He didn't set out to do this [play defensively]. In training, he has told us to press and be very aggressive. Sometimes, it has to come from the players. The players have to take some of the blame. We have to adapt to what the other team is doing to be better. It's something we've been talking about lately and looking ahead," emphasized Phil Foden.

It should be noted that this Saturday, the 6th, starting at 5 PM, England will face Switzerland in the quarter-finals of the European Championship. This match is seen as a crucial test for England, who are looking to overcome their recent struggles and make a strong push towards the semi-finals. Fans are eagerly anticipating whether Foden can find his form and help lead his team to victory.

England's journey in the tournament so far has been a mix of highs and lows, with flashes of brilliance overshadowed by inconsistent performances. The quarter-final against Switzerland presents an opportunity for the Three Lions to prove their mettle and silence the critics. With players like Foden and Bellingham under the spotlight, the match promises to be a thrilling encounter that could shape the narrative of Euro 2024 for England.

Updated: 02:57, 4 Jul 2024

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