The English appear to be cool frogs: 'I was surprised myself'

Phil Foden praises the character of the English national team. He also notes that the players are confident, even though their game is not yet something to write home about.

The English appear to be cool frogs: 'I was surprised myself' Embed from Getty Images

England escaped several times during this European Championship, including in the knockout stage against Slovakia and Switzerland. The fact that England took the penalties so convincingly says a lot about the quality of the team.

"I feel like we mastered this during training," Foden told Football Daily. "I was a bit surprised myself, to be honest, when I saw how confident the five penalty takers were... You have the world on your shoulders, but they were just full of confidence. So, I'm very happy."

"When Bellingham scored the equalizer against Slovakia, I could hardly contain myself. I had the same feeling during the penalty shootout against Switzerland, but the boys didn't give off the feeling that they would miss. They were all very confident," said Foden.

England is logically aiming for silverware, but first, they must deal with the Netherlands. "Hopefully, we can return with a trophy."

England’s performance throughout the tournament has been a rollercoaster, showcasing moments of both vulnerability and brilliance. Their ability to keep composure under pressure has been a key highlight, especially during critical moments like penalty shootouts, which often determine the fate of teams in knockout stages.

Phil Foden’s observations reflect a growing maturity within the squad. He noted the significant psychological resilience that the players exhibited, particularly during high-stakes situations. The team's collective confidence, even in nerve-wracking scenarios, is a testament to their preparation and mental fortitude.

The road ahead for England involves a challenging matchup against the Netherlands. Known for their tactical prowess and technical skills, the Dutch team will undoubtedly be a formidable opponent. However, England's current form and newfound confidence could prove decisive.

Fans and pundits alike are optimistic about England’s prospects. The anticipation is palpable, with supporters hopeful that this squad can bring home a trophy, ending years of near-misses and unfulfilled potential. As Foden and his teammates gear up for their next challenge, the nation watches with bated breath, dreaming of glory and a historic triumph on the European stage.

Updated: 11:30, 9 Jul 2024

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