The master of turning a blind eye: 'He lets Vinícius' screams go'

Carlo Ancelotti could reach his sixth Champions League final as a coach on Wednesday evening.

The master of turning a blind eye: 'He lets Vinícius' screams go' Embed from Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti, one of the most revered figures in modern football coaching, has earned a special place in the hearts of many of the sport's top players.

This deep respect was evident from the experiences shared by Harvey Esajas at AC Milan, Jeffrey Bruma at Chelsea, and Nathangelo Markelo at Everton. Collectively, they highlight Ancelotti's uncanny ability to manage elite athletes, especially in high-pressure moments.

One of the defining characteristics of Ancelotti's management style is his approach to player discipline and emotional expression. A notable instance of this occurred during a heated Milan derby, where Gennaro Gattuso was seen furiously rebuking Ancelotti. Rather than escalating the confrontation, Ancelotti responded briefly and then sat down calmly, demonstrating his typical stoic demeanor. Harvey Esajas regards Ancelotti as a true gentleman in this regard, praising his method of pulling players aside privately to suggest how things might have been handled differently, instead of criticizing them publicly.

Jeffrey Bruma elaborates further on Ancelotti's philosophy, pointing out the importance of understanding the psychological needs of star players. He suggests that Ancelotti's success stems from his strategic leniency, particularly with proven players who are pivotal to winning titles. Bruma recalls witnessing Ancelotti's skillful balance of discipline and leniency both during his time at Chelsea and in more recent instances observed on television, like with Vinícius Júnior's impassioned outbursts. Ancelotti's approach is to occasionally let such incidents slide, recognizing the long-term benefits these players bring to his teams.

Nathangelo Markelo's insights from his time at Everton with Ancelotti touch on a similar theme. He describes Ancelotti's interactions with Richarlison, noting that while he couldn't understand their exchanges due to the language barrier, it was clear Ancelotti allowed emotional expressions without imposing harsh penalties. This, Markelo believes, is a testament to Ancelotti's emotional intelligence and his capacity to foster a supportive environment that encourages players to express themselves without fear of undue reprisal.

These narratives from Esajas, Bruma, and Markelo not only underline Ancelotti's mastery over tactical aspects of football but also his profound understanding of human psychology. His ability to manage the diverse temperaments of high-caliber players without stifling their spirits is what many believe leads these athletes to commit passionately to his vision and leadership. This blend of tactical acumen and psychological insight is what makes Ancelotti a legendary figure in the world of football coaching.

Updated: 03:40, 8 May 2024

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