Van de Ven sees familiar recipe at Spurs: 'Don't think about the Champions League'

Micky van de Ven doesn't want to think about the Champions League for now with Tottenham Hotspur. The Dutchman saw his team fall short against Chelsea (2-0), especially in set pieces. Spurs coach Ange Postecoglu didn't hold back after the match either.

Van de Ven sees familiar recipe at Spurs: 'Don't think about the Champions League' Embed from Getty Images

We didn't have confidence that we were going to score," a disheartened Van de Ven shared with Sky Sports after the match.

Just like in their previous game against Arsenal, he witnessed his team, Tottenham Hotspur, conceding twice from set pieces. "At this moment, it seems like every ball directed at our goal ends up in the net. Conceding two goals from set pieces... It's unacceptable," he lamented.

The Spurs faced a critical opportunity on Thursday evening to reduce their point gap with Aston Villa. Positioned below the top four in the Premier League, the London-based team is striving to overcome a seven-point deficit to secure a spot that grants entry into the Champions League. Despite Villa having played an additional game, the task of closing the gap appears daunting, especially given the tough matches lined up. The team's upcoming fixtures include challenging opponents such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Newcastle United, adding to the pressure.

Reflecting on the team's recent performances and the steep path ahead, Van de Ven expressed his frustration. "After today's match, I don't even want to think about the Champions League anymore. It’s going to be tough to bounce back after two consecutive losses," he stated, with the next challenge being a high-stakes match against Liverpool on Sunday. He emphasized the need for improvement: "It's crucial that we perform better in the upcoming games," he concluded, hoping to bring back the robust form he maintained at FC Volendam and VfL Wolfsburg.

The team's coach, Postecoglu, echoed Van de Ven's sentiments in his post-match remarks. He openly criticized the team's current spirit and resolve. "We’ve lost a bit of belief and conviction in our approach to the game, and it’s my responsibility to rectify this," he asserted. The coach seemed puzzled about whether the issue was purely related to confidence or something deeper within the team's psyche. "I’m not certain if it’s just about confidence, but certainly, we are not in the right mindset. We can't continue playing like this; it’s imperative that I address these concerns immediately," Postecoglu stressed, signaling potential changes in strategy or lineup to invigorate his squad.

Updated: 10:57, 3 May 2024

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