Van Hanegem criticizes Veerman: 'That says something about his level'

Willem van Hanegem was not pleased with Joey Veerman's performance. In his weekly column, De Kromme called his performance 'disappointing'.

Van Hanegem criticizes Veerman: 'That says something about his level' Embed from Getty Images

Veerman had a very unfortunate match against Austria on Tuesday and was taken off after just half an hour by national coach Ronald Koeman.

His teammates tried to encourage him. 'All those players who went to give Veerman a pat on the back after he was substituted, why?' Van Hanegem writes in his column in the Algemeen Dagblad. 'We are talking about a European Championship. There is no room for sympathy right now.'

"What Veerman showed in Berlin was disappointing," Van Hanegem continues. "But that can happen to any footballer. With Veerman, it got worse by the minute, which says something about his level. But it also has to do with the crazy people who have portrayed him in recent months as a cross between Toni Kroos and Andrea Pirlo."

However, Van Hanegem found the entire midfield of the Netherlands to be far below standard. "Schouten and especially Reijnders, with all that running around. These days, you should never call it a matter of attitude, but anyone who saw the 1-2 knows enough. Schouten just needs to block that cross, and Cody Gakpo forgets to follow his man."

Van Hanegem further elaborates on the team’s overall performance, stating, "It's not just about individual errors; it's about the collective effort. The midfield was overrun, and there was a lack of cohesion and understanding among the players. This isn't just a minor issue; it’s a significant problem when competing at the highest level. The European Championship demands the best from every player, and we simply didn’t see that against Austria."

He also commented on the tactical approach, suggesting that the strategies employed did not play to the strengths of the team. "Koeman’s tactics were questionable. The team seemed disorganized and lacked a clear game plan. There was no fluidity in the play, and the players looked unsure of their roles. It’s crucial to have a well-defined strategy, especially in a tournament setting where every match is critical."

Van Hanegem’s critique wasn’t solely negative, as he also offered some advice. "The team needs to regroup and focus on the basics. Strong defensive discipline, better communication, and a more cohesive midfield will be key to turning things around. The talent is there, but it needs to be harnessed properly."

In conclusion, Van Hanegem’s analysis reflects deep concerns about the Dutch team's current state. His criticism, though harsh, underscores the high expectations and standards expected at the international level, particularly in a prestigious competition like the European Championship.

Updated: 11:40, 26 Jun 2024

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